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Simply the best anime movie ever done, at least my undoubt favourite. At the same time, sadly one of the most underestimated.

Originally Posted by Sonhex View Post
in particular the singing scene which must be one of the most honest and heartwarming scenes in any anime.
Perfectly agreed. I think once there was a thread where to describe the most heartwarming (or whatsoever) scene ever seen in an anime, and I described "those 3 minutes of awesomeness".

The most interesting thing, other than what Sonhex pointed out, it's how deep is the psychological development of the characters, it's not a mistery that the passage from childhood to pre-adolescence/adolescence is one of the preferred patterns of Miyazaki. The anime makes actually "whisper" more than once, between nostalgia and good feelings, melancholy and accomplishment.

And then Shizuku, the "anti-protagonist", she's undecisive, she feels "un-kawaii" (not cute), she's always depressed because she doesn't know where she's headed. The changement Seiji will bring to her is one of the most fascinating I've ever seen

By the way, I bought the R2 version. I quite liked it, the voice of the dubber of Shizuku (Brittany Snow) is good, very cute, with the right feeling of insecurity. And also the way they rendered "Country Road" was nice.
The original is always unreachable, but this dubbing deserves an A in my book. I watch both versions very gladly (while sometimes I abhor certain dubs).

A brief behind the scene of the dubbing for the english version of Whisper of the Heart can be found here, in the official Brittany Snow's site. Click on the third rectangle on the first row, and then "save object as" to download. It's short, but it's always nice to see behind the scenes of a dubbing. And heh, Brittany Snow is cute

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