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7th: I was actually thinking exactly of you when I wrote that I know you tend to look out for good creators and so on, so I was surprised you didn't mention Dennou Coil. Well I'm glad you're reminded of it, and you're spot on for Gurenn Lagann... It's HiroyukifuckingImaishi, that makes at least the first episode mandatory watching just to see what the hell happens.

Sonhex: That's precisely the problem - there isn't anything in the way of a promotional video or anything released for Dennou Coil.

Although it seems that the story is roughly about the intermixing of old temples and a sophisticated computer network. The website's blurb says that the family of Okonogi (?) Yasako, a 6th grade elementary student, was living a normal and peaceful life with her father, mother and younger sister, and then just before the summer holidays they moved to Ooguro City where her grandmother lived. It was an old city with a distinctive history, with lines of all sorts of shrines and temples; but it also used to be a specially designated area meant to be equipped with the latest computer technology...

Spoiler for More thoughts:

But I think that for once my faith in Mitsuo Iso is well-placed; especially since this is an original story good enough to be backed by NHK, and he's actually been working on this for fourteen years (information once again courtesy of the excellent Ben at AniPages). For someone whose skill I do not doubt, to work on something for so long and to create such great images throughout the years means that there's a high chance that it will be good, at the very least.

And now that I have said my piece I will leave the rest of you in peace... or whatever... pardon my long-winded hyperbole, if you would call it that...
Thanks for the fish

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