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Originally Posted by Ziv View Post
You mean if Shoukou and Karada switch back to their original ages? I'ld guess Hiro and Shoukou keep living together and probably get married. They'll have a higher standard of living because of Shoukou's income thus alleviating Karada's feelings that she's a burden. Hiro will be much happier and less lonely having Shoukou around, and Shoukou will be much happier having Karada and Hiro around now that she's forgiven Hiro. Everyone makes everyone else happy.
I'm so unimpressed with Hiro that I hope Shoukou moves on. What, really, does he have to offer her? He does seem dedicated to his pharmacy job as a source of income for himself and Karada, but he seems remarkably lacking in emotional depth, something Shoukou has in spades. I still can't comprehend his seeming indifference to Karada's disappearance either.

To me, the most powerful connection is the one that has developed between Shoukou and Karada. I can better imagine a future where child Karada goes to live with adult Shoukou, while Hiro ends up in a more plausible match with Tetsu's sister. I hope for Tetsu's sake Karada switches back; it's hard to see any happy ending for him if that doesn't happen.
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