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It's only few hours till today's episode airs, and spoiler man ◆U/qwU.yqHY appeared on the spoiler thread!

lots of goodies dropped.

EDIT: Ok, here we go

Q: What's the highlight of today?
A: The astonished look on Lulu's face, as well as the final maniacal laugh he makes at the end, of course. Great acting by Mr. Fukuyama.

Q: It's mentioned that Gawain is a double-seated mech. Does "Lulu" have any hand in operating it? Or is it controlled by two people?
A: Of course Lulu does most of the operation.
It's two-seated, but that's more of an option. It can do its job fine with just one pilot.

Q: If Gawain can fight with one pilot, why does it have a second seat?
A: There's a very complicated operation, that requires Lulu to focus on its manupilation alone,
needing a second person to pilot the mech's movements, if Lulu wants to put his mind into it.

Q: Don't tell me Suzaku and Karen will have a romance? Please say no!
A: Like I said before, Karen is devoted to one person only.

Q: How large is Gawain?
A: Bigger than any KMF in history.

Q: Will there be KMF battle scene today by Todou?
A: Of course.


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