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Originally Posted by donthuang View Post

2007 1/15~1/31 sales

> > 4. 01下 カタハネ Tarte 11,855
> > 7. 01下 月光のカルネヴァーレ ニトロプラス 7,337

Since both games were released on the 26th, there's still room for the number to change, but I'm surprised at Gekkou's low number too, since it appears to be generally well accepted and popular in the community.

Oh the other hand, Katahane is actually a really nice game too, I don't see anything wrong with it ranking above Gekkou.

Some Little Busters! news were posted on MOON PHASE.

In point form:
- Scenario is almost complete
- Art is also on track, with only a few pieces left.
- As an experiment, the soundtrack is centered around Kawai Minato(PMMK)-san's music this time.
- Various extras (mini-games?) are included this time, making for a much more game-like experience.
- Although comedy is a big part, the trademark surrealistic plot elements are still present. At the beginning of the game, a cat bringing with it a mysterious message "there are secrets in this world", will be the central focus. Note the cat with a message paper tied onto its tail in the game's title logo.

I'll skip the character scenario descriptions, since it doesn't really help to spoil those.

Regarding the scenario writers, there quite a few newcomers this time around: 2 of the 4 writers are first-timers (Suzumoto Yuuichi-san's name is nowhere to be seen though... unfortunately) (For those who don't know, Planetarian was written by him). Out of the 6 heroines, only 2 are being handled by familar names (Rin's scenario by Maeda-san, Mio's scenario by Kashida Leo-san). Here's hoping the newbies can live up to the fans' expectations.
The music department is seeing some new faces too, although the old vets are all still around.

Anyway, knowing that Maeda-san will still be covering the male characters is a relief. With 4 guys around this time, will we get 4 times the fun we had with Sunohara?
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