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From MOON PHASE news, it seems that information has just been released about several game production companies that have declared themselves bankrupt recently. Companies mentioned included Carriere, as well as Deal, who is the parent company of brands such as Tarte (Katahane...), Plastic, Raccoon, Ankh, and Talisman.

Unfortunate news, but I'm hoping the remaining staffs will find new homes in other companies.

This month's Dengeki G's just arrived... filled with Little Buster news! ^^ Besides new CGs for each heroine (クドかわいいよクド), there's also the interview featuring Maeda-san, Ayanokawa-san, and Na-Ga-san, which I touched up on in a previous post.

Some points of interest from the interview:
- Like reported earlier, the scenario is almost 100% complete. The art and music are both close to completion as well.
- The music is also taking a new turn, with music from PMMK-san, a first timer to Key games, being the center focus this time around. Of course, sounds from familiar composers such as Maeda-san and Orito-san are still around as well.
- Maeda-san himself has composed at least 10 tracks.
- The staff appears very pleased with the overall soundtrack. The theme song has gotten a lot of praises as well.
- The game will be fully voiced, including all main and sub characters.
- Casting is also 70~80% determined.
- This time, an emphasis has been placed on making the game fun, in the form of various omake features.
- Info on individual characters' scenarios... which I'll skip here
- Mio is missing a certain "something" that others have.
- Keigo is a tsundere.
- Like I mentioned in a previous post, Maeda-san is responsible for Rin's scenario, as well as all male characters. The guys will appear in every heroine's route and take up the comedy role. Rest assured, there will be lots of laughs any way you go.
- Many male character CGs as well (おほほっ?(^ω^))

Not an eroge, but from an interview with Ryukishi-san, it seems that "Umineko no Naku Koroni", planned to be released at this year's Summer Comiket, will be a story that takes place in the past, just like Higurashi. This time around, the setting is October of Showa year 58 (1983).
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