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Sorry about Episode 4 being so slow, Hiro was shitsick for over a week and only recently has he come off of it. He should be done this week.

Anyway, I have a (rather large) request for some of you - specifically, those of you following the raws. Shintani is going to take on Kamichama Karin in April, and it is highly likely Hiro will swing his TL efforts over to that. The problem is that this show will most certainly not be done by the time April rolls around, and so we'll be working on both at the same time.

As such, I would like to ask if anyone here who watches the raws feels confident enough in their skills and able enough in their schedule to partially take over for Hiro once Kamichama Karin starts. I'm not necessarily asking for a full-on TL effort with grabbing all of the puns and such (but if you can do that then you're welcome to do so), but rather just a bare bones kind of thing. Hiro fully expects KK to be a lot easier than Hidamari, and will thus be able to devote some time to look over your script. He'll catch puns and whatnot for you. It'll be something between a TL check and an edit job, I imagine. This way we'll be able to work on Kamichama Karin without Hidamari Sketch slowing down.

I fully understand anyone here who would not want to undertake this task for any reason they may have, which is why I am asking a month prior so as to give myself time to look elsewhere if necessary.
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