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As it stands though all I'm seeing is a company that takes already popular source material from dating sims and does its best to make it into a solid anime and that's just not enough to cut it for me right off the bat like it is for some other people
Of course, that's a valid argument, but making an anime adaption of an "already popular" series is not as easy as you would think. Given the unforgiving nature of the anime industry (especially when we're talking about niche slots like these), if you want to make an anime adaptation that's clearly targeted towards the fans of the original, you better pray to god you do a good job or you're done. Sure, Kyoani "only" took a bunch of popular eroges (although CLANNAD was an all-age game to begin with) and made solid, high-quality animes out of them, but they did it better than anyone else. And that was enough to please the fans. As long as Kyoani continued to make these "great, faithful adaptations", nobody's going to think about whether that actually makes Kyoani a good company or not.
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That would all change if they'd do something I really truly want to see on my own time, but its just H-Game conversion announcement after Moe Comedy announcment. I think I'd appreciate their careful attention to detail that I myself have a fair bit of obsession with if they'd do a bit more action oriented series again, or something with political intrigue like Code Geass.
A Kyoani "Owari no Chronicle" anime adaptation. When that happens, I'll probably need a tranquilizer to stop myself from my dance of ecstatic joy.

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They are probably guess-timating after taking notes from the previous example set by Kanon. Kanon was announced to have a remake in March 2006. The first episode aired in October 2006. That's a seven month gap. If Clannad follows the same pattern, then it should air in October 2007, exactly seven months from the day it was announced Clannad will have an anime adaptation.
Sorry if I sound like I'm repeating myself (since the thread went poof), but cyan-san (the owner of MOON PHASE) mentioned a Haruhi second season @ Fall 2007 / CLANNAD @ Early 2008 schedule, which was based on the insider information that he has received from his informants.
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