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Cast interview...

Not like anything of much importance is actually said in it, but for the heck of it. Like I said, it's kinda cute how Mizuki and Fukuen are gaga over Hei.

The original is here:

I literally fell asleep at the end of it, so pardon me if it becomes totally undecipherable near the end...


And Animedia scan:

So now I have pics of scans from all three mags out this month - except Newtype Romance Spring. That had a rather nice image with Yin looking extremely doll-like and Hei holding her, but unfortunately I missed buying the last one at Kinokuniya .

The latest TV spot has just got the OP again, nothing much in the way of new pictures. I do like the last still at the end of it, though - you can see a good version of that at BONES' production blog for this show here. Is that Hei looking through a telescope! *giggles stupidly*

Which reminds me, I might as well mention I was thinking about this:

-The Animedia spread mentions something about everything starting 10 years ago.
-The beginning of the trailer has a young girl (young Misaki?) talking about the stars
-We have Hei looking at a telescope and him against the same sort of star-filled night sky.
-Hell's Gate is described as having "stolen" the sky of Tokyo.

I expect some sort of dramatic tension along those lines. Eh, I don't know why I'm spoiling myself so much by thinking so much about what'll prolly be an average animu, but there it is.
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