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Originally Posted by Sai the Dreamer View Post
"Sola" is in fact a spelling error of "Sora". I believe this to be the case, given that the Japanese have, in prior times, accidentally replaced r's with l's when romanising words.
It is not really a mistake.

Romanising Japanese just means turning Japanese words into pronouncable roman characters. Given that neither the letter L nor the letter R exist in japanese, it can't really be correct or incorrect either way. R sounds tend to be favoured when romanising, but that is just an arbitrary convention.

In Japanese the sound that is closest to our R is sort of part way between L and R in terms of pronounciation. Since they use the same character for both, the Japanese have difficulty pronouncing Enlish words where the sound is definitely an L or an R, not a mix of both - hence the term 'Engrish'.

It is the same as the French not being able to pronounce 'h' properly ( 'ouse' instead of 'house', etc.).

When English speakers try to speak in other languages, there are also a myriad of sounds that we can't hear or pronounce properly.
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