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Thumbs up Scene 01 - Claymore


With the insurmountable quota of gore and blood geysers splattering about every inch of the camera, coupled with a mature argument full of intricated and elaborated characters it is a given that Claymore would become a coveted target for licensing for the following quarter of the year.

This is fantasy-horror inclined to the themes of brutality and desolation set up in a medieval environment. The horrifying aspect for Claymore is that the gore scenes are made more hallucinating and surreal with more efficiency thanks to the effects and contrasts with the lighting. The light is greatly juxtaposed by shades of red hues and shadows.

In fact, the overall environment even on daylight looks depressing and foreboding, adding much more a sense of fear for supernatural creatures about to strike or pounce from where one least expects it.

For the design of the characters there are a bit shabby for my preferences, but I hold praise for the stylization of the faces, expressing rich emotions for anger, disdain, frustration, and solace trapped within a sour smile of composure; this is a befitting description for Clare and her species.

Episode one starts with a bang, but it turns with slight predictability once the audience is alerted to the nearby presence of the Claymore. I greatly think this show tries to test our common sense and judgement to tell apart which person is who she or he claims to be.

But, did you pay attention that all the human characters are male and the Claymore are the only females, at least as the first episode hold this depiction?

What may they hint at? That females are able to turn into Claymore when certain requirements are met?, or is it more logical to assume that this Claymore are all borned females from their inception?

The supernatural violence and doomsday aura makes Claymore a solid competitor to Berserk. In fact, the forsaken Claymore characters (more in particular Clare) bears great resemblance to D from Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust in terms of traumatic loneliness.

I have a bad feeling, that this anime is going to satiate with lots of silent pauses at every episode making me feel uncomfortable. But I guess this is the way how they handle the psychology for silent characters like Clare in order for us to grow attach to them.

As for last, I knew I recognized the artist once the OP song rocked. It is Nightmare performing Raison D' Etre. The releases for this goth-rock band are quickly catching my interest.

My favorite, however, is the ED them by Riyu Hosaka. Danzai no Hana~Guilty Sky is a beautiful organ rendition filled with medieval motifs and an aura for what is forbidden and cursed.

Trivia: BTW, the seiyuu for Raki's brother was none other than Akira Ishida.
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