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Tsuyokiss ... Sucky as hell anime.. but damn, Erika Kiriya is THE BOMB!

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The main character of Bleach.. he and Rukia kinda like old couple when they are together, isnt it? ... I watched Naruto's last episode and the siblings kinda remind me of Ichigo and Rukia Despite what happened in episode 121, he's gonna be back with a RAWR! .. ok, thats cheesey =.=''

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Izumi Konata of Lucky Star .. I still cant sing along the OP dammit >_<! .. That one is one infectious song >_<

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Ayakochan from Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo! .. I thanked nono for telling me the name which I still cant remember (thank god for Opera's note -- saved me the hussle of typing the title to search in Tosho) @_@ .. Note to ToyBox fansub.. hurry up and translate the rest of the series >.<

Woa.. 1st animated sig on display :O

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Kagami from Lucky Star. I thought I was the only one that like her .. then I read the huge L*S thread ._. I have to share ._.

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Well, 1 sig afer another @_@ .. So here's Miyuki of Lucky Star *_*

Moeblob =3. Too. Much. Pink @_@

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Red head, healthy lady, Big Bew.. er.. I mean .. Guns .. Just a perfect housewife =3 .. HAHAHAHAHAHA

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Akirachan .. Honestly cracks me up with her double persona

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The final girl.. Now I'm free to spam other girls sig .. Like her twin sister, Kagami

Woah.. first girl to have 2 signatures dedicated to her alone in my showcase! >.< ...

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I really should start studying >.> ...

And oh wow... post #97.. so close to 100 replies ! yey ..

edit post #108 <-- my lucky number =3 ..
I got a lot of 108 related stuff.. my id card contain 108, my driver licensed too ..My HP number also have 108 in it, and in my 1st year.. my room number is 108 =3 .. how spooky is that

Oversized! so not for use here in Suki .. Its for a tutorial in the tuorial hread.. be sure to drop by there if you interested in learning how to animate rains

Also, 12th sig ... nearly close to 20 sig/batch too =3

totally offtopic.. but DotA is bad for keyboard health .. my T key borked ='(

edit post #111 WOAW.. #111GET!

No, I dont watch BGI .. its not my type >.>

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My current waifu at the moment =3

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Current analysis.. style failed ;-; .. but its Yoko, so still auto win

5 more sigs to 3rd batch .. I'm too lazy to recount how many sigs per batch everytime I add a sig

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Wow! .. that such a huge jump just inbetween post ;-; .. well, apart from me buzying myself up with books <.< ... I feel suddenly left out when everyone going for a vector trace ._. .. So I jump the bandwagon for a while and learn a few things along the way >.> .. Its so time consuming .. so I'll prolly wouldn't be doing any more trace in the near future ._. .. Anyway, Enjoy some CC godness (missing o intentional )

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OMG is Kanu !!!! .. from Dragon Destiny, She's deadly, and most likely kick your ass .. Babelicious

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Akira Kagami by request from the Bleach chibi captain :O ... If he dont want it anymore, it will always available here on the showcase

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My younger brother in law ... Because I so in love Temari

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Tamanee no Tamenii!!!!!
Another smilie available for spamming fanboying purpose!!!!
Closing the 2nd batch with one of my diva Tamaki Kousaka from ToHeart2.. Quite simple sig really, I tried to make it like a pencil color sketch (in other words. its a crop job )... I *think* it works.. but need a little more refinement IMO.

And look at the post # !!! 200+ page 11 already !!!! Go spammer!
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