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The following is based on [a.f.k.]'s fansub.

Random Thoughts on Ep01:
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  • The OP is insane. I haven't had to apply speed-reading skills for some time now. Loving the lyrics.
  • Unsurprisingly, the food segment was a whole lot smoother once I actually understood what they were talking about. Scarily, for some of the conversation, I actually have had similar talks with my friends before; especially on the issue of various cooking methods.

    "NO SALT!"
    *cue half-an-hour argument over the merits of adding salt*

    (Yes folks, there ARE men who know how to cook and like to talk about it too)
  • Some of the transitions between conversation topics was a bit abrupt, but it can also be viewed as a realistic example of casual banter between friends which can wildly derail without a moment's notice.
  • Kagami is love. She is shaping up to be my favourite character in Lucky Star. Her remarks on the other girls are often a riot, and she is hilarious when she loses her composure, such as the time she screeched at Miyuki after the physical examination.
  • Lucky Channel remains my favourite part of the episode. For those who do not know yet, the male presenter is the VA of Taniguchi from "Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu".
  • It has been mentioned before already, but I too imagined Akira taking out a smoke when she went into that guttural tone of voice.
  • I am hoping that Lucky Channel will continue, and that they use it as a platform to poke fun at the whole anime industry as a whole. Self-deprecating humour is wonderful when done right.
  • For those wondering about the song that Konata is singing in the ED...

    Uch Tetsujin Kyodain (1976)
ADD] Some Quotes:

Kagami: "Is this woman a Saint?! That would've never occured to me!"

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