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Originally Posted by ando View Post
FYI, now The Third Male Saimoe Tournament is in progress.

The quarter final begins from Saturday.

April 21st
Sakata Gintoki(Gintama)
L(Death Note)

April 22nd
Suou Tamaki(Host Club)
Yagami Souichirou(Death Note)

April 23rd
Papillon(Busou Renkin)
Yagami Light(Death Note)

April 24th
Koizumi Itsuki(Haruhi)
Hasegawa Taizou(Gintama)

Code Generator:

Current Voting Thread:
The only one I can see myself caring to vote on is L (I like Kappei Yamaguchi but Absolutely despise Sugita Tomokazu). The rest are bleh and Itsuki will just win regardless of what happens in this bracket. Normally I would say L would win, but for some reason people seem to like Sugita Tomokazu, which is beyond my comprehension so he could lose. Not entirely show how to vote though as being 2chan rather than having a clear and obvious checkbox, they have nothing at all it would seem.
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