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When I never expected that Gainax would rise the bar the third episode comes and blew off the roof. What I mean is that the developments and animation quality were fully exceeded from the previous episodes.

The characters where drawn and animated in such a manner, that I could see they were exerting their bodies beyond their limits. Blood, heat, and sweat it did not matter for Kamina and Simon but only to smash their foe into a bloody pulp.

There was such a drama effect on the movements, particularly the movements for the mecha.

Moreover, it is not a suprise to me the recurrent motif for this series.

There was a tad of predictability with Viral's arrival, but I never expected to turned out that amazingly hilarious.

I wonder if Yoko has taken interest in Kamina because he has his own Ganmen, or she is actually become infatuated to him after watching him fight?

When they were at the open field to hunt for food the local fauna greatly remind me of pokemon.
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