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Originally Posted by Kira_Naruto View Post
Let see if you can follow the step ... I'm going on memory here

1) Make sig as usual.

2) Create a new layer. Fill it with black.

Only part of it since I'm only animating the pic in the frame.. not the outside Sakura

3) Filter-> Noise-> Add noise .. 100%, mono, distribute .. erm.. uniform, so the noise is spread around nicely.

3) Filter -> Blur -> Motion blur ... set a nice angle and distance.

Why didnt anyone realised that there are 2 step (-3-)

4) Play with layer blendmode.

Mine on softlight.

5) repeat step (2) -> (4) as many as you like .. (more frames = bigger sig)
I make 5 more layers.. Remember, do not duplicate the layers.. instead redo step (2) -> step (4) for each rain layers.

6) window -> animation-> make as many frame as step (5)
7) on each frame ... hide every other frame but one.
I'm kinda forgot to save step 6 and 7 =/

Final result ..

I kinda lower each rain layer opacity to 50% too.. so its a bit more subtle... you can leave it if you prefer..

Above is for rain, for snow ..
1) Make a new document ... width = sig, for height, make it 5 times (or more)
2) Find a good spot brush and litter the new document .. so it look like a snow .. easiest is to google for snowy theme brush,
3) Drag the layer to your sig ... make sure the bottom part is shown.
4) Make a new frame in animation window.
5) On 2nd frame.. nudge the snow layer to bottom until it reach the top.
6) Tween.

Done ... Easy to follow? If you cant, then you'll have to wait till tonite (if I have time to make a tutorial for it)
No snow pic to sig =/
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