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Riker's very easy tutorial for animated snow sigs

Step 1: Get the rest of the sig done first.
Step 2: Make a new layer, then airbrush a white spot for the snow flake.
Step 3: Duplicate the current frame in the animation tab, then move the snow layer a bit.
Step 4: Repeat step 3 until the snow flake reaches the bottom.
Step 5: Play and observe the animation.
Step 6: Realise that the animation is jerky and sucks, thus deleting the whole animation while pulling hair out and randomly cussing, repeat step 3.
Step 7: When you're finally satisfied with the animation, congrats! Now for 5731246 more snow flakes to animate.
Step 8: Once the entire animation is completed (Yay!), you realise the file size is over sig limit (No!). Repeat the hair pulling and cussing stage.*
Step 9: Finally, sig is completed! If you can reach this step, then you can proudly proclaim yourself to be a animated sig masochist.

* Skip this step if your forum doesn't have a stringent sig limit.
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