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Originally Posted by Kira_Naruto View Post
Snow sig tutorial .. Is freaking huge sadly =/

1) Make a new document ... width = sig, for height, make it 5 times (or more)

Original sig .. 350x120.

new doc 350x600.. I fill the bottom layer with black so I can easily see my snow. On a new layer...

2) Find a good spot brush and litter the new document .. so it look like a snow .. easiest is to google for snowy theme brush,

I used a snowy theme brush.. starry brush works too..

3) Drag the snow layer to your sig ... make sure the bottom part is shown.

As you can see here.. I free transformed the snow layer so you can see the initial position.

4) Make a new frame in animation window.
5) On 2nd frame.. nudge the snow layer to bottom until it reach the top.

Again, I've free transformed the snow layer so you can see the final position in the 2nd frame... Also, you dont have to reach the top if you wish.. look for a good continuation in the snow flow..

6) Tween.

Unfortunately, it requires huge amount of frame to have a good snow speed =/ I end up with 82 frames... still I feel that the snow is fast ... While this is significantly faster and easier then Rika's snow tut .. Rika's is very much better.. but painstakingly very hard for large size signature.

Also, in my final sig, I removed those huge flakes as it wasnt very realistic for the picture itself ..

WTFOMGISUX .. I didnt use thumbnails for those steps pic =/ Gomen >.<
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