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Just an update from the official blog:
まず本作品はTVシリーズ13話とDVDオリジナルエピソード2話で構成される全15本のストーリーです。 しかし、TVシリーズを見れば話は完結されます。ではオリジナルエピソードって何なのでしょうか?4巻目に 収録されるエピソードは一..
In short, there will be a total of 15 episodes with 2 of them as DVD-exclusive. The first one will be released in volume 4 with episode 10 and 11. It is said to be a "Super! Extra" episode "packed with the charms of the characters of sola". The second one will be released in volume 5 with episode 12 and 13. At present no information on that episode is available.

(It will be the "real" ending perhaps? Maybe they are going to kill off some of the characters in the TV end, and bring them back in the last DVD...)
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