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Welcome. This is not something for the faint hearted. It's been given a "Wall of Ultimate Blue Cheese" warning. Eyes only, discretion advised.

Originally Posted by Nightengale View Post
[This Thread]'s not a pit of madness, it's an abyss of endlessness.

True, it's hard to eat up everything, but just read on slowly and you'll see why this place had lasted so long. Everytime things looked like it could turn stale, new dimensions were added, storylines improved, and we eat up the cheese like never before.

Starting from characters, we've developed histories, timelines, factions, universes... and we're damn proud of it.

And there is no rule. Just limit the h4xx.
Quoted for best advice! Really, that's all you need here, no matter how big the thread becomes!

Now you'd probably need a template. HASHA!
Spoiler for The Legend of Kha der Kleriker.:
And recently. we even got our own Outer Cadia IRC! Courtesy of Kagerou:
Originally Posted by Kagerou View Post
I got it!

Go to here (bookmark the link ). After that, leave the "connect to specific server" on, change the channel to #outercadia, your nickname to whatever, and set password to "nanoha" (all lowercase).

Welcome, and enjoy your stay. :3


Here it is fellas.

Kha's All the OC Thread's Fanon Timeline!!!

All the OC Thread's Original Characters by Kha the Cleric

And not forgetting...!

Der Kleriker Kronicles

[Satashi]Konata says: [/Satashi]

Come on, don't tell me you never dreamed to be like this.


Message of Divinity: The Symbiosis of Light and Darkness

Working Notes

List of Faction Descriptions:

Saint Church

Spoiler for the 4 Pillars:

Time Space Administration Bureau

Spoiler for Size:

List of Fanon Scenarios:

The Original Generation arcs

The New Belka Chronicles arcs
Spoiler for size:

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