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@Meophist & LoweGear
Haha, you guys definitely have a point there. I guess I was blinded with excitement when I read METEOR. I love that kind of spell. And yeah, you got me there-- long range bombardment IS considered support as well.

OK, here is my character. I came up with the idea for this character while reading the A's to StrikerS Comics. For this character's fighting style, I had to expand upon the general magic system of Nanoha-verse, so I'll be describing the fighting style and other things along the way. And BTW, I never thought about giving my character a Spell or Move List. I hope you guys like it.

Character Name: Sophia (Last Name unknown)
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 19
  • Hair color: Light Orange
  • Eye color: Green
  • Affiliation: None
  • Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Assassin
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Fighting Style: Close Combat, Counter Style (details below)
  • Close Combat Skill: S+ (this is just an estimate of her ability, not a military rank)
  • Magic Ability (Overall): C~B
  • Detailed Magic Ability:
Shooting/Bombardment Magic: C
Magic Control: C
Enhancement Magic: B (include defensive, healing, and enchantment spells)
Magic Transmutation: A+ (change the property of magic; example: elemental attacks)
Materialization Magic: SS
  • Device Name: Sigrdrífa (“She who Drives Victory”)
  • Device Type: Booster/Movement Intelligent Device
  • Magic System: Mid-Childa
  • Magic Element: Wind
  • Magic Circle Color: Light Orange

Character Background:
Sophia lost her parents when she was still 4 years old, so she was taken in by a magic training facility that raises orphans to become professional assassins. The facility was only interested in children with high magic potential so Sophia was kicked out 4 years later after she did not display any substantial magic abilities. From short to long range shooting magic, to defensive and enchantment magic, Sophia did not excel in any.

She was left for dead in a jungle area, far away from any major city. To be able to survive, Sophia materialized a weapon, a small dagger. While she was notoriously bad in magic overall, after some time she found her true specialty: Materialization Magic.

[~Materialization/Conjuration Magic Description~]
The user is able to create almost anything he or she has in mind. Materialization Magic was banned by the TSAB in their efforts to outlaw physical weapons. The only way of materialization allowed by the TSAB is the materialization of Barrier Jackets, which are handled completely by Magic Devices.
  • Ranks C-B: Mages can materialize physical objects, from swords to clothing and armor, of different materials and constitution. Regular physical objects disappear after a long period of time. The stronger and more complex the object is, the faster it disappears.
  • Ranks A-AA: Advanced users can replicate items they have touched and examined before, and can now instantly create regular physical items, and their duration is greatly increased.
  • Ranks AAA-SSS: Expert users are capable of replicating even Intelligent and Armed Devices they have examined before, but their most fearsome skill is their ability to add a special property to their creations, such as adding Fire element to a sword, or a Magic Barrier or Field to a shield or armor. Basically any spell known to the user can be imbued into any materialized item for a constant effect.

To be able to use the weapons she created, Sophia trained in close combat. Her ability to instantly create any type of weapon let her choose the most suitable weapon for any circumstance. She became one of the best Counter Style close combat fighters.

[~Counter Style Description~]
A combat style used by agility- and speed-based fighters. The style is based on reflexes. The user waits for their opponent’s attacks and dodges them with incredible reflexes and counter attacks while their foes are still finishing their attack. An attack usually does not work twice.

**Nanoha’s Divine Buster and Starlight Breaker would be ineffective against this type, unless binding is involved, as we often see in the anime. Accel Shooter would be Nanoha’s best bet. Fate would have a better time against such type, as she is fast and also has long range attacks.**

Sophia is able to materialize on the fly any weapon she needs to counter her opponent’s fighting style. Her weapon of choice is the Spear, as she does not have any long range magical attacks. She can, however, materialize a bow or a gun, if she needs to (though to materialize a gun she needs quite a bit of time and concentration, as the internal parts are hard to replicate, not to mention the bullets).

As for her appareance, Sophia can materialize simple clothes to match that of the people in any town, so she can blend into the crowd without problems.

By the age of 14 she became a full fledged Bounty Hunter. In one of her missions, she spotted a Mid-Childan spaceship that had crashed. There were no survivors. Inside, she found her Intelligent Device Sigrdrífa, which is a Wind-Elemental Booster/Movement Type Intelligent Device. The device is an earring while in its dormant form, and after setup it becomes a pair of boots and gloves. While Sophia had found other devices before, she didn’t take any of them as she wasn’t able to handle them properly.

However, Sigrdrífa was the perfect device for her fighting style. The device’s specialty is movement based on wind manipulation, and it can also boost her physical and magical abilities and skills, such as adding stronger properties to her materialized items. It was primarily used as a magic booster support device—much like Caro’s Kerykeion—while keeping its master out of harm’s way with its quick movement. Thanks to Sigrdrífa, Sophia is able to fly. (Flying ability: A)

As a professional assassin, Sophia's most fearsome skill is the materialization of a weapon imbued with an Anti-Magic-Field. Because the AMF is one of the more complex Field-type defensive spells, the materialized weapons imbued with it only last 2 minutes. As materialized weapons seem like regular physical weapons, most mages dont pay attention to the weapons, and Sophia makes them pay for their big mistake. She can also imbue weapons with elemental properties.

Sophia cannot take many hits, as her defensive magic abilities are below average. To defend against magic projectiles, she materializes a weapon or shield with magic barriers or shields to deflect them. As her defensive magic ability is just rank A (thanks to Sigrdrífa's boost), her best bet is to evade any upcoming attack.

OK, I think I have covered almost everything I had in mind, but surely there are some holes here and there. If there is something that is not too clear, please let me know and I'll see what can be done. Thanks for reading.
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