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Ok, we've got plenty of unconventional, extremely capable Nanoha protagonists by now. What we need, therefore, are some antagonists ala Fate from season 1, for our protagonists to interact with.

So I made one.

And then I read back through what I'd made, looked in the mirror, and told the guy staring at me, "...Man, you are MESSED. UP."

Spoiler for I can't believe this came out of my imagination...:
Consider this character, or any part of her concept, open for use by all.

Now, as far as meeting the forum rules about commenting on other peoples' characters:

Kha, it shows you put a lot of time and thought into those characters. Having said that, with the number and level of abilities you put into der Kleriker, I may have to start referring to you as Gah! instead of Kha. :P Definately an alternate universe character, though, with all the non-canon revisions to Fate's backstory. (Nothing wrong with that!) VERY nice detail in the visual descriptions.

Enigma, love the concept. I've been expecting someone to look at how the Wolkenritter might have to face up to their past sins, and it looks like you're version has a lot of potential.

USB500, just one question: where does Leonidas' stand on the views expressed by this board's 300?

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