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Haha..The Gil Graham Screwed Love Chronicles, as cranky as it sounds, is serious. Imagine the original Nanoha season and A's only with young Graham and without a very happy ending, where both seasons has important women in Graham's life bite the dust. The first season being ARIA, and the second Lieze. As for where Lotte plays a part, let's just say she's Mary Jane in the ending of Spiderman 1 movie, only without a happy sequel for her. :P

Spoiler for Aria:

I'm halfway through Admiral Lieze, but got stuck due to not being so sure how to handle her shotacon side (( She's 32, when Graham's 19 )) while still making her a strong, mature adult female and how to handle her 'death', so I'll give ARIA first...which has some problems too, but you know...flexibility.

I had 3 "references" in my magic spells. Cookie to anyone who gets all right. :P
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