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lol this thread has sorta died down now hasn't it^^ well I'll see if I can spice things up a bit^^

I'm really loving everyones ides, really well thoughtout. My only thought is with giving a character uber ranks like S. Come on, your like making uber rare mages that are suppose to be few and fleeting I think a nice cap is AA, good but theres room for improvement^^

Ok Back to my character^^

For those who have forgotten, this is where she stands as of now

now on to chapter 2^^

Spoiler for How Aselia Joined TSAB, RF6:

Heres something for ppl to chat about. Let me know what you think, as well as suggestions to improve it^^

I'll post chapter 3 when I have it finalized. Here some hints, she gets he device and barrier jacket, and a familar face will join in the trainning exercises, try to guess who^^
Much Thanks to Mr. Hat's for the siggy^^
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