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i supposed it's time for to create my own character ^^

Name: Azuma-Blade
Nick Name: Blade
Age: 20
Hairstyle: Long
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue (Normal) Red (When gone Berserk)
Alignment: Neutral
Position in TSAB: TSAB armed forces special response team (former)
Personality: Silent, Not very talkative but always giving best options when in battle
Device Name: Galeon
Device Type: Armor (known as the Barrier Armor)
Device Form: Bracelet
Magic style: Unknown
Magic Color: Gold
Barrier Armor Forms: Fighting Form and Genesic Form (The Genesic form is galeons full drive)
Combat Style: Specialized in Hand to Hand Combat
Mage Rank: Unknown (maybe SSS :P)
Offensive Spells:

(fighting form)

Vacuum Magnum: Blade's right arm armor spins at amazing speeds and then launches an air cannon through the enemy.(similar to subaru's revolver knuckle)

Strike drill: With his right drill knee spinning, blade uses his right knee armor and charges into the enemy breaking their shield spells

Plasma Net: With hands outstretched, blade can catch opposing forces with plasma energy and toss them about with great force.

Hell and Heaven: Blade's Final Blow. It's method is to utilize all of the destructive energy in the right hand to blast through the enemy and all of the protective energies of the left hand to grasp the enemies core and purifies them. This attack is very stressful to the user and can cause permanent damage through excessive usage. The words blades mumbles before the attack are "Gemu Giru Gan Goh Gufo" (yeah it's the same as gaogaigar ^^)

(genesic form)

Genesic barrier: An barrier of pure power that repels enemies.

Straight Drill (right knee armor): This drill knee strike with a more jack-hammer effect, doing a shockwave damage effect.

Strike Drill (left knee armor): This is a more normal drill knee strike, with the spinning and the tearing.

Knight Dagger (tail): Unlike the Fighting form before it, The Genesic form has a valid striking weapon meant for only one thing "cutting up the opposition". The Knight Dagger is a short dagger, but is housed in something like a foil's handgrip, completely covering the hand. It is created from the 1st section of it's tail, consisting only of the Head which transforms to become the Dagger. Apparently it can also be used to cut through/into Kuukan/Dimentional Spaces.

Genesic Hell and Heaven: Much like the original Hell and Heaven, but obviously a bit more powerful. In fact, it requires three pieces of it's tail (5th through 7th section) with then form massive claws over Genesic's hands. Still includes the unique 'gravity lock' effect that immobilizes the opponent, before Genesic rips out it's innards.

Defensive spells: (fighting and genesic form)

Barrier Shade: Blade holds forth his left hand and an invisible barrier forms. It is defense against both spell and projectile weapons, and can reflect some spell attacks

Background: Azuma Blade is a former TSAB armed forces "special response team", which, at the time of his membership, consisted of himself, Professor Ryuji Hibiki who created his device namely galeon, Blade has a natural bloodline ability called the berserker. The Berserker can be activated when blade's eye color changed from blue to red that can read enemy movement and attacks by looking at them and also it can perform varrious counter attacks on the enemy. Blade's only interest is in gaining strength, and has no interest in working with others if they cannot help him achieve this goal. While he does in time begin to break out of this shell, blade's quest for power countinues until he kills the person who killed his entire family Azuma-Lance and recover the remaining relics and protect the members of the TSAB Lost Logia Riot Force 6.

Childhood background: Much of Blade's childhood was spent living in the shadow of his older brother, Azuma-Lance, who had proven time and again that he was an extremely talented Mage. Because of Lance's successes, most of the members of the Azuma clan looked to lance as the clan's future, the biggest proponent of this idea being Blade's father, Azuma-Ryusei. Due to this focusing on Lance, Blade did what he could to prove himself to his family, though no amount of training could help him in surpassing the milestones set in place by his brother. Lance, aware of Blade's struggle for recognition, tried to shift some of their father's attention to Blade, even offering to train Blade in various fields of magic spells. Although Lance succeeded in getting Ryusei to spend more time with Blade, much of that time was still dedicated Lance, and all the while Lance never lived up to his promises of training Blade.

As time went by, Lance's standing in the clan began to falter, Lance becoming increasingly less dependable with tasks and constantly having his trustworthiness called into question. At this time, lance also began to create a more competitive relationship with Blade, challenging Blade to surpass him. Because of Lance's changing personality, Ryusei began to take a more active interest in Blade's development, teaching him the Hell and Heaven Technique in less time than Lance had taken to learn it, which also gave Blade a proper membership into the clan. Most prominently, Ryusei encouraged Blade to not follow in Lance's footsteps, the former prodigy of the clan having lost his father's confidence.

Soon after receiving the attention from his father that he had so yearned for, Blade returned home one day to find all the members of his clan dead, each murdered by Lance. After finding Lance standing over the bodies of their parents, Blade was forced to relive the murder of his parents through Lance's use of his Berserker. As Blade writhed from the visions he had seen, Blade informed him that he wasn't worth killing. As he left, lance repeated his encouragement to Blade to get strong enough to surpass him, and disappeared into the night. From that day forth, Blade lived as an orphan, longing for the parents that had been taken from him and allowing his brother's words to fester. Soon after the clan's annihilation, Blade's only goal in life became to gain power through any means necessary, then kill Lance to avenge the clan.


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