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-For Kria, the strangest aspect of your character is, to me, the fact that Gigantus seems to work in the direct oposite of any other ID. Now, I'm not sure if you're familiar with the manga (correct me if I'm wrong) but normally Intelligent Devices 'drain' the magical energies emanating from their users. I'm not quite sure of the 'why' myself either -my personal theory is that they use it as their powersource- but to see an intelligent device actually give energy comes of as, well, odd. There's nothing wrong with it, mind you, but a bit more indept explanation as to how it works differently would be cool.
I'm familiar with the manga, and I purposely created Gigantus like that. I wanted Gigantus to be overpowered, since I was originally planning on giving Gigantus to a power-mad mage.

But after Kria was born, I changed my idea around and gave Gigantus a handicap, the idea being that in order for Gigantus to generate all that power, Kria had to sacrifice the control aspects. Kria probably figured that if she had trouble controlling the power given off by Gigantus, she could just tone it down a little to add in some more control, but since she never had any trouble, she never changed it. As for where the energy comes from, the general idea I had was that it worked something like Nanoha's Starlight Breaker, in that it gathers left over magical energy from the surround area, although at a much slower rate so as to be almost unnoticable and not affecting nearby spells and mages. I don't want it to be a vampiric device after all.

Now, I finally created my antagonist as well, after much typing.

Spoiler for Hino Tori:

Now, there's a lot more to Hino Tori, but I haven't written it all down. This is partially because I lost a lot of information a few weeks ago due to a partial erase, and its taking time to recreate it from memory.

And as a note, although Hino Tori's name is Japanese, it is said like an English name, in that the family name is second and the person's name is first. And yes, her name being done by like this is an important yet irrelevant part of her background.
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