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Interesting characters and interactions this time round from all sides of the party, but since I am tired as hell from writing this (( and there's like...3 or 4 more parts to go )), I'll comment later.

Anyway, here it is.

Velka: The Birth of 2 Kingdoms

Chapter 1: ~ Roland and Fierabras


Okay, so I mixed Matter of France/Song of Roland into the mix, but since I TRY, to somehow make the Germanic nature of Velka with some sense, one can't help but romantic-fy stories, even if they're technically historical retelling in some sense.

Anyway, this is the first part. 2nd part will involve Fierabras's side of her Empire, and how the civil-war after her death destroyed her nation, along with my idea of the Book of Darkness lol.

Oh, and if there's any mythos/historical purist out there reading this, don't flame me, since I only have scrap knowledge on Arabian Muslim-ish and Germanic mythos and history and is merely making do by through vague-ness of mythological stuff, since I'm more of a Malay-mythos guy. ;(
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