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Originally Posted by Keroko View Post
@USB500: Whoa, Final Fantasy reference anyone?

Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
@USB500: *takes a look at Alex's abilities*

I smell delicious copypasta on Barrier of the Wind King... although asides from that, I like all most of Alexandra's spells. And Excalibur's Lionheart form looks like something a lumbering Space Marine would wield (mind you, I love Space Marines), although it doesn't look like the kind of blade wielded by an Arthurian warrior. Still, the lineart is awesome
Yes, it is a delicious copy-pasta, since Alexandra is obviously... Saber

Originally Posted by Nightengale View Post
The idea of Cloud's gimmicky Advent Children sword as a device...wouldn't the Gunblade be an ideal Belka weapon? It's already got a slot for bullets and cartridges, depending on the model, and the concept of shooting for a boost is pretty much the same too in some ways..
I never thought of Squall's Gunblade when I first designed Alex.

Originally Posted by Aaron008R View Post
Woah. Saber, Cloud and Squall in one package, eh? Now if only Omnislash were there. But what the heck, I certainly don't mind. I'll be looking forward to more info on Sabe- I mean Alexia. Sometimes, you just gotta love these borderline-broken but nontheless appealing characters, ne?
Alex: someone's making fun of me...
Anna: don't worry, oneechan! I will make him pay! Miata, Vios, Meteor!
Miata/Vios: Admis d'Ordre.
*Annabelle casts Meteor and aims it at Aaron008R. Leonidas palms his face in disgrace.*

okay, enough with that.

Spoiler for click:


These are only a few. I don't know what else I should throw in.
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