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3rd batch!


Wonder if it would took a long time before somebody claims it O_O .. or not =/

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The mage in Xiah Online .. pretty much one of the prettiest CG lady ever rendered.. Just, forget the game she's in =_=..

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For showcase reason, so I'm not removing my name ^^ .. Gomen neh.. but nekkid Kan-U is MINE!!!!

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=D .. Clare.. and Theresa.. from the current running Claymore series... >_<''

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Kagami and Yoko are invading this particular thread isn't it

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Hinagiku of Hayate no Gotoku <3 Hinagiku for me!! and Maria!!

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OMG!! Its another Kagami sig LOL

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<3 Hinagiku .. wanted to show more of the original pic but prolly then wont get pick by the majority ._. .. Still Hinagiku~~

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<3 maria .. Rie Tanaka's char .. so full of love ]

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Kagami ?!?! AGAIN???!!!
Oh dear Screencaps FTW!!!

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o_O.. Prettiest Claymore ever! Theresa of Faint Smile is now in the thread.. Bow to her

Hey.. each sig in this post beside the top 2, seiba and Xiah mage sig got an owner and being use... I do make a usable sig despite every single one is a testbed of something new and not the default forum sig style sigmaking .. Aww =x

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I died -.-

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So hueg >.< 150px is soooo hueg >.<

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OMG .. 404 error - page not found!
Moe blob Guchuko of Potemayo series.. simply one of the best series for this season

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What can I say, I have a few kosmos pic.. never seen it, heck I dont even know its an anime or game

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Hinagiku! the 3rd Hinagiku sig! I surprised myself.. She's not naked btw

Sig #16... 4 more sig before 4th batch!

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Someone fap worthy O_O!

I better search for a render to end the 3rd batch.

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Finally my collection grew again.. I've just taken an extended break from sig making I guess. Will the grow continue? or will it forced into hibernation state once again? Saaaa >,<

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IM ALIVE!! Meet Lacus - I mean Yuffie ^^

edit post #474 <- Boieng!

Ending the 3rd batch with mai waifu wishing everyone a merry xmas ^,^

3rd batch complete!
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