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Animated Text

he did it again! Theclow managed to make me write another tutorial

actually its a good time to write a tutorial on this

firstly make your sig as normal ~ example of how i did my recent one :3 (just ignore the "set" folder for the moment)

next put your text where ever you feel is best...ive decided to put it at the most appropriate place
with that done you will have to right click on the "text layer" and rasterize it ~

now you are good to go for it to be animated

move the sig over to image ready (bottom option from your tool's table) and magnifly the sig twice ~

with that done move to your animation window...firstly you will need to create a base text layer from where you duplicate your text layers from...move over and create a new set folder like so ~

move your text layer into the set folder and then click on the "eye symbol" to hide the layer from will notice that the text disappears from the sig...

duplicate the text layer and make sure that it is visible by clicking on the eye ~ the text will reappear again and this is where you can start to erase some of the text using the eraser tool...

how much you erase depends on you but what i would do is to leave enough for it to be a believeable stroke if it where to be written by so ~

oh and ive just should have duplicated the blank layer first before you start to erase (in the animation window) ~ ive circled in the above picture

next all that is left to do is to carry on duplicating the base layer...dragging it up to the top of the set layers and erasing again but this time erase less than last time ~ like so ~

also its important to remember to always hide the previous layers by clicking on the eye ~

when you are done just try playing the animation to see if it works...

notice how the eye icon changes in the set folder corresponding with the layers that are being animated ~ also you can change the time delay if the animation is going to fast (dont hesitate :3)

and all that is left for you to do is to carry on and finish this long task

then you should have something like this:


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