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You will need a program called a Rainmeter


Finished the Rainmeters^^
Well, I didn't literally 'make' it. Call it a 'Massive Editing' :P

Get Here:

I've worked on this for a week and a half, and I'm quite proud of it. ^__^


• Featuring the art of Yuichiro ( )
This Rainmeter contains his art , (which I enhanced and repaired slightly)

You can switch the Rainmeter images of Nanoha, Fate , Hayate respectively w/ a buttton.

• The frames for the Harddrive were vectored and modeled after the frames from Ar Tonelico 2's flash site. ( )
• The frames for cpu were modeled after Nanoha StrikerS frames used in the show.

• Can display up to three HDDs AND opens them by pressing the spherical button for each respective HDD.

• Buttons to minimize both Comp stats and winamp stats were included.

• Volume for winamp, shuffle-repeat, and play-pause function included^^

• The list goes on and on...

That's about it. There might be a few bugs, but nothing too serious.

The images can easily be replaced w/ new ones, If you have one in mind just tell me. Just like this:


My next project is to start attempting to build my own website, so I can host all the things I make. Here's a preview:


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