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David Brown, Weapon of the STAB

Rebuilt of Turmoil

Name: David Brown
Nickname: The Storm that Brings Turmoil
Affiliation: Space-Time Administration Bureau
Age: 26
Gender: male
Racial Classification: Earth Human
Magic-user Type: Neo-Belkan/support mage
Magic-user Rank: B+
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 182lbs
Hair Colour: red, streaked with metallic grey
Eye Colour: steel grey. David wears Glasses

David is Right handed

Basic Outfit: Usually appears in reproductions of Common Earth Clothing, usually jeans or cargo pants, t-shirt, woollen pullover in colder weather. Almost always wears Black vest/bodywarmer for the sake of the extra pockets. Commonly seen in a grey scarf that seems to be a trademark item of sorts. Favours heavy boots for footwear.

Barrier Jacket: as might be expected of a mage whose former profession was mostly medical, the Bureau medical uniform forms a part of David’s Barrier jacket design, retaining the white lab coat style over a more subdued bodysuit similar to that affected by the Numbers in a darker grey and Navy blue scheme. Over his torso he continues to wear a reproduction of his vest/bodywarmer, with it’s many pockets loaded with various additional non-magical medical supplies. He also retains his grey scarf. Because when he does enter combat he favours melee combat, his Barrier jacket favours reinforced armour pauldrons, bracers, gauntlets and greaves, to allow him to use his whole body both to defend and attack.

Armed/Boost Device: Grey Turmoil

Built to cater to David’s use of melee combat when he is forced to fight, Grey Turmoil, his Boost Device, has been reformatted to favour an armed device form, a
Heavy bladed single edge sword with an esoteric angular blade and a cutlass type hand guard. Displays secondary Tonfa grip as rear quillion. Scabbard attaches to left forearm for use as secondary physical shield/parry buckler.

Dour, distant and brooding are the words most people immediately want to use when they first set eyes on the subject, but they’re almost always forced to re-evaluate once he actually speaks. While he may look distracted and sour (with reason, I hasten to add), in truth, that’s merely an illusion. If there is in fact one word that does sum him up, it's 'bemused'.

On the other hand, he’s actually doing and seeing things he’d never have believed possible within his lifetime. While occasionally memories of his past can cloud his thoughts, this usually passes quickly, especially when he’s confronted with some of the amazing and unearthly sights he’s been able to see since leaving Earth and stepping out into the larger dimensional world. In his own words: “ This…is everything I always used to dream of when I read Sci-fi back as a kid…strange new worlds…new life and new civilisations…ok, it’s not exactly ‘where no one has gone before’, but still…golden cities far…”

As a result, his single biggest Gripe with the Space Time Administration Bureau’s higher ups is that they tried to keep him from seeing those sights at all, and it’s still something of a sore point with him.


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