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Originally Posted by Meophist View Post
Now for something completely different:
Spoiler for length:
Also from a game I designed. Kinda wierd, but also kinda boring.
You certainly made her superhuman. Mind boggling, can't really think of what challenge to give her. A bit like...

Originally Posted by stormturmoil View Post
I spy a slight problem with NonaHa already...

Spoiler for punchline:

On to other matters, and getting on topic, my first character for this kind of thing

Spoiler for long. general info:

Spoiler for long. specific info, and supplemental item info:

Spoiler for long. recent history and background:

Before anyone says it, now I've read some of this forum, I notice some similarites with other peoples characters here. I actually wrote this before reading this, so maybe great minds do think alike. In particular, Kha's 'reactive Linker Cores' strikes me as similar, and Aurion has some similar traits.

As for the rest, some of the pieces are easy to trace, others are just words wrapped around a concept.

On the subject of Aurion, given his possession of a similar charateristic to my character, he too would probably able to wield the supplemental device if pushed.
... Max Steel here.

Another super DPS character. And a creepy Trump card to be kept under wraps at all costs, but I also left wondering how much of him is human? A bit like the Heero Yuy scenario, that's how'd I develop this war machine. While he blows things up, things happen in his brief contact with society that allows exploration of how much of him is him, and what is his reactions about it. Unfortunately, my Tomino-loving side always gets these kind of characters to be the ones to die while taking the whole world down with them.

The Reactive Linker Core is different from your nanite scattered variation, in that there's a very minute core, but the maximum boundaries of the Core is actually outside of the body, in a invisible mana rich field for as far as 50m in diameter. It is fluctuations in this field that gives Kha some of his abilities and weaknesses. And yes the idea started with a misread of X's fic, and after rolling down the hill look what it turned into.

Hmm what in this crate? *poke*

---New intelligence data updated---

These are Kha's new friends. I've successfully resisted the urge to kill them off, and so here they are alive and well in StrikerS, with a part to play in the refounding of the Holy Velka Nation of Saint Church. As they are not official TSAB officers, they do not have a rank other than the one given by the Church.

Traditional AVKs operate in 3 man cells called a "Trinity". Some modifications include an additional Confessor leader (Hayate's role) attached to a lead Trinity who is in command of 3 Trinity, as well as a Guardian Beast (Zafira's role) to each Trinity.

Sacred-commanders like Kha's mother take charge of 3 Confessors, there-in-by leading 9 Trinity. A Wing is made up of a Wing Commander in charge of 3 Sacred-commanders therefore is constituted by 27 Trinity.

The title Optimus is given to the best of the Trinity units, a bit like the Ace title granted to top agents of the TSAB.

Kha is the Left-Forward.

Spoiler for Right-Forward of 21st Trinity Optimus:
Spoiler for Center-back of 21st Trinity Optimus:

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