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Name: Captain Takamachi Georashi Keroko.
Alias: “Deathwing” Keroko.
Affiliation: TSAB Air Combat Division.
Military Rank: Captain.
Mage Rank: S
Call Sign: Rogue 1 or ‘leader’, Stars 5 since joining Riot Force 6
Age: 19
Birthday: 8th October
Gender: Female.

Hair: 9 years old: A single short tail on the right side of her head.
16 years old: A single short tail on the right side of her head, grown a bit longer.
19 years old: A single short tail on the right side of her head, grown a bit longer.

Keroko, 9 year old:
Spoiler for Keroko, the little red-head.:

Keroko, 19 years old:

Spoiler for Image courtesy of Mercurianangel:

Spoiler for Keroko and Nanoha, sisters by soul:

Personality: Keroko is more a listener then a speaker, generally content to just stay with the group and enjoy their company. Only when a subject of her interest comes up will she start joining the conversation, and you will have to exert some effort into shutting her up. She’s generally helpful, and will likely drop what she is doing if you ask for her help. When she does work she enjoys, she tends to get sucked into it much like her sister, losing most sense of time. She also has a sarcastic streak a mile wide, and an urge to argue to boot. She does, however, now when she has reached the limit, and will usually stop if the other(s) are becoming too annoyed. When angered by people not on her ‘friends list’, she will feel tempted to lash out at them. A side effect of the years of being exposed to Neltharion’s corrupted energies. She's very impulsive, blurting out things and acting before thinking about it twice, and while she has trained to not allow this to influence her work, it does still tend to create the occasional havoc in her personal life. It can sometimes appear to people unfamiliar with her that 'work-mode' Keroko and the regular Keroko are two different people

Magic type: Aspect/Velka mixture.

Spoiler for In-dept information concerning aspect magic:

Magic color: Blood red. Pitch black when channeling Neltharion’s energy.



Spoiler for Pre-Nanoha:


Spoiler for Nanoha":

Nanoha A’s

Spoiler for Nanoha A's:

A’s to StrikerS

(Still writing)


Barrier Jacket

Spoiler for Barrier Jacket Image File:

The full activation of Keroko’s barrier jacket is, coincidentally, the code of the old black aspect mages. Before they were driven mad, this code was designed to show their devotion to protect the lands and the skies.

Keroko closed her eyes as she focused on the small necklace in her hand. “We are the mages of the black aspect. Neltharion’s chosen. Guardians of the land and the sky. For every one of us that falls in battle…” her eyes snapped open “a thousand enemies shall die! Artherion! Set up!”

Barrier jacket modes

Standard form - Keroko’s barrier jacket exists of a pitch black undershirt covered by a long sleeved shirt with blood red linings, which stops about waist length. Short black pants are covered by a medium length open lack skirt with blood red linings. Black fingerless gloves cover her hands, and the set is finished with black shoes with red gems.

Ethereal Form - This form is automatically activated when Artherion’s Ethereal mode is activated. Keroko gains two plated wrist guards, reaching to about half her forearms. A diamond shaped hole appears in the back of her jacket, allowing room for the ethereal dragon wings that appear as a side effect of the seal release and the skirt gains several plated armor patches.

Interceptor Form: Gained after becoming the TSAB Supreme Air Force Interceptor, this form allows for extreme high-speed manouvers. It also has a slightly higher defensive grade then it's predececor, to compensate for Keroko's lack of skill in defensive spells. The basics are still the same, most noticably being the long sleeved black red lined shirt, but the pants have become full covering, gaining more red linings and the undershrt is now armored. The open skirt also gained armour plates as a standart issue.


Device name: Artherion (Artherion Devastator since A’s).

Artherion’s stored mode materializes as the blade sides of the axe held together by a small bar, which is connected to a chain in order to keep it around like a necklace. He addressed Keroko with a respective and military ‘sir’. Since joining the TSAB, he always addressed Keroko with her military ranking, eventually coming to “captain”, which is her current rank. Since the installment of the Velka type cartridge system during the Yami no Sho incident, his full name has become “Artherion Devastator” though Keroko rarely uses his full name. The reloading of cartridges is very similar to a lee-enfield rifle, in that it forcefully ejects an empty clip of cartridges and easily enables the reloading of a new clip.

Artherion serves three purposes: The first is to give support in combat and spellcasting, just like any other device would do. The second is to seal off the corrupted energies of the black dragon aspect, preventing corruption and damage that would inevitably be caused by prolonged exposure. If the energies still flow through, then Arterion will filter them for use of more powerful spells, and will serve as a limiter for when the risk becomes too great.

Device modes:

Spoiler for Image Files:

Axe form - A Dual bladed axe, broad at the top and thinner at the bottom, thinning out in straight lines and a blood red gem in the centre. This is the standard mode, which will appear after activation. Because Keroko is by no means an expert in melee combat, this is more of a ‘back of’ button to get adversaries in proper distance, and used to defend against ones that don’t. This form has no special attacks, but general attacks like Snipe Shooter and Ion Wave are possible in this form.

Firing mode - The dual blades of the axe turn around, making the thinner points now face upwards as a focuser. This is most used form of Artherion, as it opens a wide range of long-range attacks. Spells made possible in this form: Blast Lancer, Orbital Bombardment, Ion Blaster.

Ethereal mode - Artherion’s strongest mode, a third blade forms, and the first two lower themselves by a couple of degrees, forming a focusing triangle. This mode disengages the seals placed on the black dragon’s power, and enables the filter that will make Neltharion’s corrupted energies at least somewhat usable, thereby making Keroko’s strongest spells available. Keroko’s barrier jacket automatically switches to Ethereal form when Ethereal mode is activated. A side effect of the sudden flow of black energies is the appearance of two ethereal black dragon wings, which explains the mode’s name. Two cartridges are needed to enable Ethereal mode. Spells made possible in this form: Seismic Charge, Dragon Soul, Ion Cannon Breaker.



“Forcefield” - Artherion’s programmed defensive spell, it surrounds Keroko in a red field of energy.

“Empowered Forcefield” - A more powerful version of forcefield, it also gains the additional ability to reflect weaker spells back to the caster, which makes it a risk to fire at Keroko when this spell is up.

“Scatter Shot” - Fires several bursts of magic. Keroko can also shatter the spheres, scattering them into many tiny magical particles into the air, which disrupt other magical abilities already active. When used like this, it is designed to break magical prisons, illusions, forcefields and bindings.

“Drive Move” - An instant movement speed, used to close or create short distances. Keroko has mastered the use of Drive Move in combination with Snipe Shoot and

“Hyperdrive” - A movement increase speed of great proportions. This move literally shoots Keroko forward in an aura of red energy, this spell is mostly used to withdraw, give chase or get to a scene as fast as possible. When activated, it is impossible to change the trajectory. The only way to change directions is to come to a full stop and repeat the move.


“Snipe Shooter” - A spell that shoots a single beam of magical energy, not very powerful, but quickly to cast and usable in all modes. A favorite attack when dogfighting due to the rapid fire rate.

“Ion Wave” – Keroko slashes with Artherion, sending a wave of energy at her opponent.

“Blast Lancer” - An attack that shoots several magic beams, which can then be controlled by Keroko. This is a close second in terms of most used spells, mostly due to the increased hit rate and the ability to control the shots after firing.

“Orbital Bombardment” - An enhanced version of Beam Lancer, this attack shoots a number of beams so great; it is akin to a bombardment from space. Control is somewhat disregarded but still present, even though it’s hardly necessary, since the chance she’ll miss is rather low.

“Ion Blaster” – A siege type single beam similar to Nanoha’s ‘Divine Buster.’ Though stronger then a Snipe Shooter, the longer casting time makes it one of the less popular spells in Keroko’s arsenal.

“Executor Rush” – Keroko’s single and only melee attack spell. This spell charges the tips of Artherion in shooting mode with magical energy, after which a combination of binds and Hyperdrive is used to literally ram into the enemy. Though the binds can be skipped, it is wise to do so, since the trajectory of the Hyperdrive cannot be altered after activation.

“Seismic Charge” - This spell shoots a small, but powerful burst of energy at the target. When the spell reaches its target (or by Keroko’s command) it will explode in a circular pattern, sending a shockwave in all directions.

“Dragon Soul” - A powerful wide area spell, based on the terrifying weapon that signified Neltharion’s betrayal, which gathers as much of his corrupted energies as it can before firing. A black magic circle appears underneath Keroko, while her wings spread out. Black energy can be seen cracking around Artherion while the attack charges. When fully charged, Keroko swings Artherion in a wide arc, unleashing a black wave of destruction. Though less powerful then her Ion Cannon Breaker, this attack can hit more targets due to its wide spread.

“Ion Cannon Breaker” - Keroko’s most powerful spell, and requires Ethereal mode to be active. This attack mixes both the black and corrupted energies of Neltharion and her own red magical energies. The result is a red magic circle that emits a black aura which appears underneath her feet, and an aura of the same red-black mixture appears around her body. The energy of that aura is concentrated between the three tips of Artherion, creating an orb of energy, seemingly held in place by red lightning crackling between the tips and the orb. Once charging is complete, the two combined energies lash forward in a single beam of pure power.

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