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Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
AAARGH Backlog, kill it with FIYAAA!!!!!

Anyways, more interesting profiles, especially Fuyu's character being linked with Ratler's (since Ivanov was still fresh in my mind I knew the connection right away when I saw the name Cassandra Alexa Ivanov. Nice work connecting both your profiles together btw

@ Nightengale: Somehow, I prefer to call her Honya Although I wouldn't want to be subjected to the kind of conflicting mental torture one would endure when facing a cute girl who could end your life in a blink Waiting for more on Anfini, and Clovis le Britta... nevermind

@ Keroko: *watches the Litany of Fury overhead* I value my life thank you

"For every one of us that falls in battle... a thousand enemies shall die!"

Melikes *thumbs up*

I share Kha’s sentiment on Keroko being too closely involved with canon, unless you’re doing an alternates thing, which makes the entire point moot ^^

@ USB500: As Pheonixfyre points out, Crayon Shin-chan (:P) doesn’t really dress like a teacher does he (to me, more of a field coach ) And yes, more geometric love figures for the win
Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha . Thank you . I think we're the only couple around here (the thread), so it's kinda original.

So, here. I finished the list of her attacks. Warning, it may change though and I still have a few things to describe, so don't think this is the end :

Spoiler for Cass's attack list:
"You wanted to say that, but you didn't have enough common sense."

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