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BACKLOG! The Bane of the Poster! Grr... Shall counter with Bluecheesium-infused Post!

@USB500: I'm TPYING IT! Now if you guys just give me some time to get this Bluecheesium off my chest...
@Saint X: Vandread FTW!

Originally Posted by Fuyu no Sora View Post
YES!! FINALLY SOMEONE NOTICED!!! Cookies for you Kha! I knew you would be the one to notice this!

Indeed, Cass and Alex are married ^^. That's why she wants to persuade him into telling her why he's acting so suspicious
:eyetwinkle: Nothing escapes the sharp eye of ***daichi!

This also reminds me to mention that the 21st Trinity Optimus's official name is "erster Bestwert der Dreiheit Zwanzig" though directly translated to English that'll be "Trinity Optimum the Twenty First", and due to their track record at crime-busting the Trinity is usually tasked with investigation and inquisition missions, even though Kha doesn't really like the latter type.

Originally Posted by Ratler View Post
Ok well after a lot of thinking, reading, brainstorming, and mostly listening to you all this is how I am Thinking of doing this

@ thanks dkellis and stormturmoil a lot of the credit for this goes to you.

Spoiler for An idea:

there how does that sound ???

I have to go for a few but i look forward to your responses when i return ^^
Looks good. Just want to point out that [Exprozion] is used by both Signum and Erio, so its not necessary for some AV spells to be used by NV devices, and so they can be used more often. Also, AV and NV sigils have no difference IMO. So it's more like the super-secret or lost spells like say, Firaga, Curaga and Blizzara , which will arouse suspicion.

Nice antics to newly weds, R- I mean, Alex and uh-- Cass! I wonder how old are they as of StrikerS, for after Lowe recommended a combined fic my hands have been, well, itching.

Originally Posted by USB500 View Post
*knocks the door*

So, here I am, after three days of absence. Phew, the limitations of Internet connection at village surely kills me, fortunately I have found myself a pleasant way to kill time.

By the way, how's everyone? I see all of you are enjoying the thread very much and almost forgetting me. I can't seem to follow the progress at the moment, so yeah....

Anyway, I'm currently typing down the draft for Lyrical of Time's chapter 1, and guess what? I just created a new character. And guess what again? It's a male!

Spoiler for gosh:

His background, Device and abilities will be up. For the moment, I already plan to have Shin-chan (yes, he's called -chan by his colleagues) paired up with Alexandra, much to the chagrin of Annabelle and... of course, Joshua. Will this lead to a triangle love?
I was starting to wonder where'd you go too! No worries haven't forgotten ya.

Great Teacher Kazahana! Personally given his character I wouldn't mind his device being nicknamed "Mick" as in "Mick" Jaguar, if you catch the reference. Is he the laid-back flirty type? Or just the Asakura Yoh "relax-2-the-max" type? And I wonder where he got his shirt from. His name looks Japanese, so I wonder if he's from Earth, or is one of those who descended from Terrans? Btw, that jersey reminds me of Real Madrid, but I'm not sure who wears jersey 7. My bro der Soccerexpert is back home in SG so no way to find out.

EDIT: OK you posted some of the answers while I was still typing. Now I never encountered a nice person like that! Almost reminded me of some twisted version of Hayate no Gotoku. Will make for interesting interactions, ne? The trivia really fleshes out a character nicely in a short space indeed.

Poor Shin... I suppose Meteor's Anna's "Friendship" spell? After all...

Aurion: *pats wounded Shin on the bandages causing him to flinch* Join the club man.

Originally Posted by Aaron008R View Post
Hmm. I'm really liking what I see so far. Lots of interesting new profiles to read through. Several words of praise to Fuyu no Sora and Ratler! You're extremely young married couple who both have tragic pasts were very interesting, not to mention their abilities. To be honest, I was kinda waiting for your entry, Fuyu, (Can I call you that? ) ever since I've seen you seal Ougon no Ken in your earlier encounters with Kha in the small-scale ship wars. And I think Kha and the others have already said enough to iron out your design, Ratler. I'll be looking forward to the improved version.
Uh... Haha... That certainly brings back memories of the old Wild West, before everyone got Durandal'd to intense sophistication (look at the density of Epi8 - phew!).

I'd like to point out that that Kha was the Unison mode, hence he's a bit crazy compared to the original (and therefore is really me talking there. )

Originally Posted by Aaron008R View Post
@Kha: Interesting new characters. And quite the powerful Blue Cheese Bomb as well. More interactions to add then, huh? I wonder how the Aces would handle them? Good work!
They'd better watch out for 'Uruzu 6'! Now that you mentioned it, I wonder how Kha'd react when Artei starts going full Sugita for all the Riot 6 ladies... Might be the first time the kid's getting a more pronounced response from his captain, ne? Sakura'd probably ground Artai for long term Carryall duty, being the self-declared 'Trinity Sergeant' since there's no such post. I'd certainly like to see how he'd react to that, and already Sophia's responses are forming in my head, just got to put it down organized.

As a thought though, I see Sophia recommending that Artei try Signum on for size. Then we'll see how well that Assassin deals with that crimson-haired Saber.

Originally Posted by Pheonixfyre View Post
There's soccer on Mid-Childa? Or does he have a facination with Earth sports?

He doesn't exactly dress like a teacher, ne?
My sentiments exactly. Great Teacher ***zuka!

Originally Posted by Fuyu no Sora View Post
@Kha: As always great character design. I wonder where you get your creative inspiration.
Haha... No its not that original. I've been using anime team role templates for group construction, then I flesh out their individuality from there. For example:

Kha = Good-natured, firm yet friendly leader
Sophia = Tsundere, sophisticated yet vulnerable, the "hidden fire" of the team
Artei = Slacker, freeloader, berserker, the "blunt fire" of the team
Allison Ford = The little sister for maximum moe.
Kaempfer = Cool and steadfast Guardian Beast

EDIT: WAH MORE! Ok the first thing I thought when I saw Alexandra was, "why did that sound familiar?", then I saw Lowe's post and I went "Oooh..." Never expected you to be the type that has links with WH40K. A balance-type mage indeed. She's rather powerful, especially if she can switch modes easily. I wonder how did Alex and Cass tie the knot? After all, I envision him to be running from anybody, even Kha if Carim runs out of her wits and sends an Optimus to convince Alex that they mean no harm. I certainly think their romance would be rather interesting, deshou?

Speaking of whom, Kaempfer is here!

Spoiler for Kaempfer the Nether Dragon:
And to all the WoW players out there, if you don't know what Kaempfer is I will smack you with the Hayate Harisen MkII!

And last but not least: Wow LOOOOONG post.
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