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Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
I was more under the assumption that the stowaway Necron was blasted to smitheereens by Sof... which now begs the question of why said Necron didn't just phase out.
That Necron phased onto the ship just as Kha felt it come aboard. Then it got bound while holding onto its gun, and since it started the anti-bind procedures, the odds were still in its favour to bring down the ship. Then Artei sliced off its head; an momentary annoyance but some doubt started forming in its routines.

As explained in the skill list, Kha's Confession bind works in an area, holding the target in a closed field of divine energy that was meant to be able to hold TSAB Most Wanted mages from teleporting out of custody, and unfortunately for the Necron that meant it couldn't phase out either. It would've been trying very hard to free itself once that was discovered, and from experience dealing with the Old Velka it probably had anti-bind routines too. However, Sofie had been preparing an exorcism from the moment the battle started, and once the ritual was finished she effectively fried the dark energies in the armor with it, and gung-ho Necron went totally dormant before it could give its own equivalent of a scream.

In the end, H*****-sm saved the day... From my plot hole that is...

Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
And as for Asuka's bombs...

*Looks at Apple Error Messages*

Don't worry, Glock's 100% human, and with a soul. Just that he has a bit more history with Necrons than most humans ever hope to have. I'll explain all that in the next installment.

One hint though: WILLPOWER
I don't own a Mac to unfortunately...

Like full blooded courage, willpower also gets the anime guys through the strangest situations. I jest. Hope to hear it soon!

A crate falls out of the sky and cracks open.

---New intelligence data updated---

Spoiler for from Sophia's file:

Did somebody scream Archer? Even Gil-- *gets shot by a flying Durendal*

@Lowe: I watched the animations closely, and realized that there was supposed to be a green tube of "necrogen" mounted between the head spikes of that Staff of the Ctulu Lord. I suppose that's your mistake/intention?
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