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Nanoha CrosyS: The Animesuki Sound Stage

For those who've been wondering what I meant about that CrosyS thing, here it is, a repost from the OC Thread:


The OP

Spoiler for Destiny - Chiyo:
Text-based opening theme ficlets were one of my most daring but successful experiments in But this was a remarkable challenge because of the sheer number of characters to consider. The chorus changes ever episode (There's that many OCs to feature) so even if they aren't in this one they'll be in the next, or the one after that.

I chose Destiny for its great beat. This video on j00t00b helped me get started. Hope you guys like it!

Spoiler for Track 1 - Shadow on the Horizon:
Spoiler for Track 1.5 - Keroko‘s Warning:
Spoiler for Track 2 - Down by the Service...:
Spoiler for Track 3 - The Plot Thickens:
Spoiler for Track 4 - Report to Carim:
Released 9-6-2007
Spoiler for Track 5 - The 21st makes their moves:
Released 11-7-2007
Spoiler for Track 6 - A Surprise Visit:

I'll be posting future SS and associated media in this thread at this post so as to keep the OC thread on topic. I might turn this into a full fic someday, if I got time.

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