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Originally Posted by Saint X View Post
Rolling for a bit of redemption - and in parts just to keep in post length -

Spoiler for Kyla Scrya: 60% complete:

@ Kha:

just integrate some other reason for sectarian violence and then we have the velka story
AHA! Finally getting there, Saint X? We're getting to the real juicy parts now, eh? Please continue! I'll be eagerly looking forward to more of the Mother and Son Chronicles of the Scrya. Good work!

On a different note, here is the first character of the experimantal group, the Phantom Squadron. The leader is:

Spoiler for Phantom 1:

I'm certain some you would get the references. I'll be posting the second tomorrow or maybe on Monday.

OC Profiles
Yagami Hayate: ver. GenerationS; Part 1, Part 2

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