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It's 4 freaking AM. What the hell am I doing here...

Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
You must... Lelouch commands you!

Oh wait, you are Zero... nevermind..
I hear and I o-- What am I saying?! How many episodes are those things? Anything above 26 tends to end up at the bottom of my watching queue...
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That would've required them to hit a VERY BIG Bluecheesium vein there
At the rate we're seeding them. I'm not surprised.
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Considering how many similar things I've seen in history records in real life, I feel that it could actually work (Would also be another example of the detrimental effects of uncontrolled religious zeal).
Yes something along that line. The Saint Church is like Roman Catholic church, the center of the Velka world, with several variations in doctrine.

And that uncontrolled religious zeal hasn't disappeared either. There's the hardline "Holy Velka" terrorists who claim to fight for the Old Empire in destroying the "infidels" that are the Mid Childa when they are all just desperate pawns issued with New Velka weapons. Kha fights one of their cells as his first mission in the completed Trinity in the 3rd and final chapter of Point of Light OVA, and is meant to foreshadow a wider campaign set to start after StrikerS finishes its run.

Originally Posted by Fuyu no Sora View Post
Okay, here's another chara I'd like to introduce. Some may even remember her (especially Kha) since I mentioned her a long time ago ^^:

Spoiler for Cassandra's Familiar:

By the way, expect to see more of this, guys. I'm presently working on the rest of the squad and you should meet them soon ^^.
Do I remember? How could I forget such a beautiful creature from Azeroth...

Sakura: [Nose grows longer...]

...not. Let me finish! Yeah I forgot about her...

Btw, Deceitful Punch can be called a Feint and might sound better. Or you can go full Engrish and say Deceiver Punch. Other than that, I'd say that I'm afraid to fight that Frostsaber. No way I'm gonna try and tame her for a mount.

I don't think there's a need for kids in this family. Kali is the big sister, and Alex's tsukaima are the little noisy ones!

Btw, is it just me, or does Cass remind one of Tyrande Whisperwind in personality? Just poked at Tyrande in WoW in boredom the other day and her responses about Furion remind about Cass. :shrug:

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Ah well, we can't really know about everything do we? To be honest, I was completely clueless about Necrons until the posts here prompted me to look it up in Wikipedia.

Nobody's stopping you. It'll be easier if we could leave it at that and advance with the story.

Thanks. But please wait for the other three before including them, okay?

And in the Phantom Squadron's case, its the 'Phantom Waltz'
Alright then I will. BTW ATX Team turned up a Stud there.

We'll I'm a sucker for details and logical flows... But yeah I suppose its okay enough to push it for now. What really puzzles me is how did the Old Velka really disappear. Even the Wolkenritter noted how far they fell in a short time span in one of their past lives revealed in the SS.

Okay I'll wait.

Point noted
Originally Posted by Aaron008R View Post
Hmm. it looks like my characters are WAY underweight based on the proper Weight-Height Ratio. I'll be doing some editing then.

Here, maybe this could help for others
Spoiler for Weight-Height Ratio:
Now to find a calculator to turn those in SI units... Sorry but that was the system I was trained and hence visualize in.

Originally Posted by stormturmoil View Post
continuing the story of David Brown, STAB weapon and as a result, the possible Necron Defector (we really should sort out an RPG forum or sub-forum for this...)

Spoiler for example piece:

And so the mystery continues...and yes, these are deliberate cliffhangaers....after all, if the bureau doesn't know if he's defected, why should you lot?

but seriously, I wanted to make this part look very much like a self-fulfilling prophecy, and so...
Spoiler for A Discovery:

---New intelligence data updated---

Today, we take a quick look at the last member of Kha's Trinity, Allison Ford.

Spoiler for Eyes Only:

Like the rest of the Trinity, Allison shares one aspect with one of the Tsukaima classes employed by humanoid summoners from both sides of the major magical divide. Most familiars usually start off as Berserker types.

The full list of similarities are as follows:

Sakura = Saber
Sakura symmetrically docked with El'Jaedinea (Kaempfer's device) = Lancer
Sophia = Archer + Rider
Artei = Assassin
Kaempfer = Berserker
Allison = Caster
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