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Originally Posted by Skane View Post
Considering the insane number of .GIFs you have made in the past few months, I think whoever opens this thread in the future will get crippled by the sheer amount of looping animation. 2500 .GIFs at 50 KB each will amount to about 122 MB of animated goodness.
As said, there are several v2, v3 etc. so they're not that much
Though if you consider the single series (those with their own forum) they're still quite a bit ^^

Originally Posted by Skane View Post
I remember how "annoying" it was back then when I rushed to animate several avatars only to find out that "Dear Pellissier-chan" had already animated some of them
For that, I can only say gomen nasai .. you always tell me that I'm fast, but it doesn't seem like that to me. I go to a pretty normal pace. Perhaps the habit helps, but that's all ^^

Time digression - Part I (February 2007)

I'm going to post on this thread the three Rozen Maiden avatar batches I created for AnimeSuki, as a tribute to the servers getting renamed to the characters of that series. I'll post the batches on different pages because they have 100 pics each, so they're quite big ^^ .. and don't worry about downloading them one by one if you're interested. I'll post a link to get them all at once.

Rozen Maiden - Set 1 (100)

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