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Originally Posted by Riker View Post
It also depends on the degree of panning.
Sometimes, it just doesn't allign exactly.

For example:

In the scene this avatar was taken from, the camera was panning from left to right. I've tried to align the frames, but there's always a teeny weeny part thats out of place. Thus, the end result looks jerky. There might be a way to correct this, but I didn't try this method yet. That is, to use a video editor to pan the video in the opposite direction, so that your subject stays still.

Like I said, I didn't try this before, so don't sue me if it doesn't work. :3

If you are willing to put in the time and effort to make such a scene work, there's maybe another way to prevent or mask theslight movement such a scene has besides video-editting .
In panning scenes where moving hair is involved and the rest of the scene needs to remain still I usually just take and edit one frame as a background and overlay the moving parts on with other overlaying parts that have to remain still to mask other moving parts, for the scene to work..

As an example:

This scene panned from right to left too and if I'd had left his head all intact, the scene would have a mild left to right sway about it..
I found that with hair you can mask that for the most part if you leave the rest of the scene still, and only move the hair. You don't really notice the swaying movement in the endresult since the main part of the scene remains still with organic movement from the hair.


Or this one I made long time ago.. didn't edit the background then since I wasn't at that level yet.
This might even be the first one I used this on. Back then I was only starting with Imageready and hadn't even heard of switchng to Photoshop to edit the frame
so I only used the rectangular selection in IR

The scene panned from up to down.. if you look closely, you can still see the movement the scene would make around her bangs. all the other parts of the hair make this same up and down movement only you don't notice it since the top of the head is still, the hair already moves in an organic way and the rest of the body remains still too.


In the end Cyz meant another scene so I did all the work for nothing...

I don't really know if I explained it right, and it might be a stupid way, but this is how I do it.
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