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I'm not sure who tought me this but I don't think the tut was posted her so I''m going to have a go at explain how to do this.

Some of you might of seen my avatars like these

Ok well find the image you'd like to practise on this tut. I choose mine as this one

Well open in Imageready/Photoshop crop and resize it to 100X100 or whatever resoultions you want.

Now pick the square Marquee tool and zoom in on your avatar after resizing it. I usually zoom in alot so I know what I'm doing

Now that you've zoomed in get the square marquee tool and don't highlight then edge bring it away from the edge so start it off a bit near the edge. Sometimes you have to start near the middle edge.

Now that you've done the press ctrl+shift+i

When you get it highlighted (the the picture will have the square in it the outside and the desired place you want to stay the same colour it is) Go to Image-Adjustments-Brightness Contrast.

When the Brightness and Contrast come up I make the brightness 100 percent bright or you can do -100 so it goes dark.

After you've done that and selected ok go ctrl+shift+i again till it has the place you started off with. Now find a light colour in the picture, pick that colour and go to Edit-Stroke-1 or 2px of that colour.

Then after that just select the whole picture with the square marquee tool and pic the darker colour in the picture and do another stroke.

If you want to add text I usually add it near the edge on the right hand side.

Save as a Png24. and Volia here you have it

I'm really sorry I couldn't supply pictures. This sounds stupid but some keys on my keyboard aren't working PrtScn is one of them I'm really sorry!

But other then that I hope you enjoyed this tut
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