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Okay, I'm finally going to get ahead with my Ancient Belka History. However, a part of the story deeply involves my OC characters, so I'll post my OC counter-version of the Wolkenritter that were formed as their counterparts one by one, 3 of them from Isdera to "human/familiar hybrid" to "blind support mage" only on to Saga's which will be the real Part 3 that reveals how I mess with the existence of the Tome of Night Sky. :P

So, this here Isdera is the counterpart to Signum.

Spoiler for first member of Zerstoritter:

It's confusing if you don't remember my Part 2. Some may not like the idea of a bunch of A+ to B+ rank mages being on par with the Wolkies, but the concept behind the Zerstoritter is simple.

"We're all StrikerS to one another. We entrust everything to each other, without doubt, without fear. His arrow will definitely be there to protect me just as his chains will be there to guide me just as my sword will be there to prove to them...none of us, are alone."

They're...a perfect harmony if you will even for a bunch of fucked up guys. Kanzen-Chouwa. And no, Saga is not Kick Hopper.

Basically, unlike Signum or Vita, no one in the Zerstoritter, except Saga are capable of soloing an all-rounder mage. Isdera can kick an AAA-rank close combat mage one on one, but go against Teana...he would be dead.

Member II coming soon. This time, Vita's counterpart, GARcher. :P
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