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OK. If school doesn't kill me, backlogs will <<.>>

In anycase, thanks for the comments guys. Thinking clearly now (I was working on this at 1:00 AM yesterday ) yeah, it is weird for parents to simply say "OK, we're moving", so I modified the story. Here's the whole profile all over again, the only thing changed is the history, so don't bother reading the rest.

Spoiler for Improved profile:

EDIT: Additional info on Risa

Spoiler for Risa:

OK. Moving on.

Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
For some reason, I seem to have so much fun with writing my profile stories that they end up longer than I intended them to be. Anyways, here's the Epilogue to the Necron Arc in Glock's Pro, Part I, departing from the first-person Kay style of the past few takes

Spoiler for length:
I LOVE IT! Lowe, you must write a fic. Kay is very funny

Originally Posted by stormturmoil View Post
And, as a follow on to Glock's epilogue of the Necron Arc

Spoiler for confrontation.:
Very interesting. Good thing David realized what he had to do. Keep it up

Originally Posted by Meophist View Post
Mow Yun, thought of a background for your character. Tell me what you think of it.

Spoiler for Krystal Nenotna:
This is the second background story I've thought up for your character, but then I found that it's incompatible with the background you've already provided. So, I'm going to just give up for now and just post what I have. Maybe I'll try again some other time.
Interesting, although yes, it kind of clashes with the previous background. Nice try though .

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