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The beautiful glow... Fire the Cheestalyst!

@Fuyu: Oops! Corrected now.

Originally Posted by Erio View Post
Well everyone, I proudly present to you all the completed Original Character Database, fully loaded with absolutely all the information up to this second.

I dont think I have missed any characters, but if I did, do tell me.

Any feedback is welcome. I hope you all like it.

And, (this is the last time I say this, promise) for you character creators, if you would like to add a small description for your characters in the database, please PM them to me. Just check the database to see examples.

And dang it, Lowe! Look at your characters' links! That's insane!

Anyway, surely this will come in handy for the CrosyS Project.
Thank you! This has certainly been of great help! I dun think I can miss out chars this time.

Originally Posted by Mow Yun View Post
I don't see my own character in that op description ;_;!
Psst... Next release...

Originally Posted by Nightengale View Post
Here's Zerstroritter #3, and the last of the official members were are hugely nerfed. Saga is SS rank haxxor.


Next up will be Saga, though that will be quite long as his profile is a prelude to the creation of the Tome. Depending on how high I am, I may even do it ala Lowegear and throw in part-based stories for Saga.
Whoa another poor guy. Really makes war feel real for once. Now if only Yuuno bothered to use chains like this, he'd not be relegated to some dusty corner of the Infinite Library and only comes out when our OCs drag him out.

Awesome first profile! Looks like you're gunning for Lowe's throne.

Originally Posted by Satty View Post
Finally...I'm not done yet, but I'm done with the description of my character, background, magic style (it's different), and here it is:

Spoiler for space:

I have to go work on my homework now....I wish I didn't have to do it.
WoooooW. You have learned well, young Padawan. Welcome to the Inner Circle of Bluecheesium!

Dun worry I hate homework too.

Nice to see the interactions with the Aces too. In canon too, where I fear to thread. Luckily like Keroko I dun see the Sound Stages contradicting you for now, so you're good. Thanks for the profile, I think I know how to include your char into Nano-CrosyS.

@sturm: GAR! The cheesy kind. Well that would be for Nanoha, who appears next to nowhere in the series named after her. For now at least.

---New intelligence data updated---

Let's take a look at another character who appears from near the end of AlternateS, and returns in force in CrosyS: Colonel Gard Redel, Commander of the Zakum Troopers.

Spoiler for Set 'em up, and I'll knock 'em down!:

I got a present for ya!

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