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Rosario to Vampire

Manga Publisher, Shueisha , has announced that their manga Rosario + Vampire will be adapted into anime.

Rosario to Vampire

(The manga title is Rosario + Vampire)

Premier: TBA
Genre: Shounen, Supernatural, Harem (ecchi)
Synopsis by gia from aol:
Rosario to Vampire is the story of a totally normal, average middle school boy named Aono who somehow finds himself attending a mysterious school far away from his home, only reachable by a creepy bus. If you’re guessing that his classmates are someone occult-ish, you’re right - and it’s a harem on top of that. The female lead is Maka, a vampire who only hangs with Aono as her food source…at first.
Synopsis by Baka-update:
By a bizzare coincidence, Tsukune Aono has accidentally gotten himself admitted to a youkai acadamy, a school attended by monsters (youkai). Just when he thinks he'll run away from there, he meets the beautiful girl Moka and his mood turns ultra happy. However, she transforms into her true form when the rosary on her chest is taken off, she's a super vampire!

Mangaka: Ikeda Akihisa
Manga Official Website: Rosario + Vampire

Up until now there are 9 volumes of manga that have been released.
Manga Covers:
Spoiler for Manga Covers:

Bored of normal ecchi anime...this might be a new change in the usual ecchi anime. Vampire harem...might be interesting....

Oh yeah, I put 2 synopsis, because those synopsis explains a bit different things (although basically the same). lol And, the name of the vampire girl that the synopsis explained is different. One is "Moka" and the other is "Maka". I'm not too sure which one is true.... <_<
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