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Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
If this keeps up, the TSAB will end up destroying themselves before the bad guys do

And now I'm wondering what Archer and Shiro would think if they knew...
In one of Sophia's flashbacks, she recounts a white-haired guy in a red cape that she calls Oni-chan who brought her to the Alexei Convent when she was 4. Up till now, they still meet every few years. But the most important thing about him, was this phrase that she believes to be true and that Kha completely refutes when he first heard of it: "Saving a life means not saving another."

@Nighty/Saga: Are you flipping now?

@Erio: Well TSAB is the BEST PLACE to screw the histories of MULTA dimensions so why not?

But if you ask this CC, she assures that she has no intention of that sort.

It's not gonna be much of a surprise if you're going to warn use beforehand I'm hyped though

Well first things first, I realized I left something out indeed...

---New intelligence data updated---

Today we look at another of Kha's robot friends, Nagato Mk 2.

Spoiler for I smell Books...:

After that above bit about CC being a manipulator, I've a feeling that she might known of Nagato is more ways than one... But that's up to X to decide really. I only have control over my AIs.
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