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Unit Listing, Enforcer Unit 85 (EU85), aka the Spellbook

Overall Command: Myristic

Squad 1 - Spellweavers

Weaver 1: Meia
(S-) Special Attack: Vandread
Weaver 2: Juliet
(AA) Special Attack: Fortriu
Weaver 3: David
(AA+) Special Attack: Stormrider
Weaver 5: Marion
(AAA+) Special Attack: Clingfire
Weaver 7: Raymond
(AAA-) Special Attack: Crimson Eagle
Weaver 8: Anne
(AA+) Special Attack: Dragon' Flame
Weaver 9: Ian
(AA-) Special Attack: Hedron

-General Details about the Weavers
- Look under the Device/BJ/Spell List.

Squad 2 - Spellhunters

Squad 3 - Spellblades

Blade 1: Isamu (See below)
Blade 2: Iza (See below)
Blade 3: Tuala
Blade 4: Valivis

Story List
A Visit to RF6
Part 1: Training
Part 2: Get Set
Part 3: Exercise Start
Part 4: This is going well….
Part 5: Blades win?
Part 6: The Calm after the Storm
Part 7: Strikers v Aces

Spellblades v Tais

Other OC’s
-Character Bio part 2

Links to Meme's
Isamu's Meme
Iza's Meme

-Other Relevant Information

Enforcer- standard ship board grunts 10<x<20 (ie, grunts seen during S1, S2)
Enforcer Spec-Op (ESO) - Higher trained enforcers, capable of working alone, but usually operating in smaller groups 5<x<10. Given more dangerous tasks, ie, hostage rescue, extraction, sabotage- (in RL, the Spec-Ops missions) (Weavers, Hunters )
Agent: The most elite of the bunch, usually working alone, or leads a group of ESO’s on missions. (Fate, Chrono,…….) (Spec-Ops tasks, tasks more suited to one person.)

If I was comparing this to RL, the enforcers are now the equivalent of the US Marines, operating under naval guidance. They do have a few ships available for use when needed, (ie for mass deployments of enforcers) but in general, the standard enforcers are deployed on naval ships scattered thoughout.

The ESO, as the name implies are the special forces arm of the enforcers, which if we follow the thought line of the marines, would be like the force-recon units within the marine structure.

Agents, well they don't really have a direct referenced link to any known RL unit, but they would be ESO level in skill/training. Although they probably would be cases where things like it happen in RL, just that it's a completely black-op.

Currently my OC's are in 2 categories, the Spellblades are normal enforcers, but are being groomed for ESO duties, with the Spellweavers and Spellhunters ESO rank already. (see my OC list)

Originally Posted by Keroko View Post
And the axe, we really need more axe users. Axes are powerfull and awsome weapons (I mean, Fate has one, doesn't that mean something?).
I hear and obey.

I present to you Isamu, Leader of Enforcer Squad 3 of Unit 85 'Spellblades'

22 years

TSAB Mage Rank (C- when discovered, now A) Belka Mage
Holds the rank of Sergeant

Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown

Personality: Quiet, well-mannered individual who tries unsuccessfully to stay out of trouble, but always seems to end up solving (dragged into) the problems of people he meets.
Spoiler for Background:

Spoiler for Device and Barier Jacket:

Spoiler for Spells:

Spoiler for Familiar: Iza:

Spoiler for Picture of Iza:

Isamu is basically finished but the rest of his squad isn't. I thought up the squad and it's members fairly recently but details aren't going to be fleshed out until after exams..

More info about the squad below, (very likely to change as I think about it more)
Spoiler for Enforcer Unit 85 Squad 3 'Spellblades':

Whee super long post!
Hope you like it.

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