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Sekirei Original Drama CD Release in Summer 2007

Serialized in the seinen magazine Young Gangan, Sekirei is an ecchi manga aimed at young men by Gokurakuin Sakurako, a female manga artist and illustrator better known for her BL (boy's love) / yaoi works (professional and doujin).

Synopsis: Sekirei stars a guy named Minato, a typical Keitaro-grade loser. He's failed college examinations twice. His life changes, however, when he meets Musubi. Unknown to him at the time, Musubi is a Sekirei, a cyborg designed to fight other cyborgs, usually resulting in ecchi situations (ie, ripped clothes.)

Sekirei Vol. 1

Sekirei Vol. 2

Sekirei Vol. 3

Sekirei Vol. 4

According to the Young Gangan Official Site, a Sekirei Original Drama CD is slated to go on sale this summer (2007).


Character : Voice Actor (Seiyuu)

Sahashi Minato : Tachibana Shinnosuke

Musubi (Sekirei No.88) : Kawasumi Ayako

Tsukiumi (Sekirei No.09) : Tanaka Rie

Kusano (Sekirei No.108) : Tamura Yukari

Matsu (Sekirei No.02) : Matsuoka Yuki


Suigintou Has Her Own Radio Show

Rozen Maiden's popular, black winged antagonist and once-upon-a-time, otherworldly evil villain queen, Suigintou has a radio show called Suigintou no Koyoi mo Ennu~i (Suigintou's It's Ennui Again, Tonight~). Fans write in to tell Suigintou their problem so she can solve it for them, or to try to persuade her to accept them as her medium.

This being Suigintou, however, she gives no helpful advice, refuses all requests, and puts people down in her unique, condescending manner.


Not only does the Japanese voice actress (seiyuu) who plays Suigintou in the Rozen Maiden, Rozen Maiden Traumend and Rozen Maiden Ouverture animation (anime) series reprise her great voice acting role as Suigintou on the Suigintou no Koyoi mo Ennu~i radio show, Rie Tanaka (Hiroko Matsukata in Hataraki-Man; Lacus Clyne, Meer Campbell in Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny; Chii {Chi} in Chobits, etc.) also plays the woman voiceover artist and the singing girl in the commercials.

And once again, Rie Tanaka memorably delivers Suigintou's famous lines, "Nyuusankin totteruu?" ("Are you taking your lactic acid bacteria?") and "Junk ni shite ageruwa!" ("I'll turn you into junk!").

The success of the first Suigintou no Koyoi mo Ennu~i CD has spawned a second Suigintou no Koyoi mo Ennu~i CD, slated to be released in Japan on June 27, 2007.

Sekirei Favorite Character Poll on AtWiki Japan

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Sekirei Drama CD Cast

Character : Voice Actor (Seiyuu)

Sahashi Minato : Tachibana Shinnosuke

Musubi (Sekirei No.88) : Kawasumi Ayako

Kusano [Kuu-chan] (Sekirei No.108) : Tamura Yukari

Tsukiumi (Sekirei No.09) : Tanaka Rie

Matsu (Sekirei No.02) : Matsuoka Yuki

Kagari / Homura (Sekirei No.?) : Hirata Hiromi

Uzume (Sekirei No.10) : Kobayashi Yuu

Asama Miya [Ooya] (Sekirei No.01) : Oohara Sayaka

Seo Kaoru : Nakai Kazuya

Hikari (Sekirei No.11) : Kaida Yuuko

Hibiki (Sekirei No.12) : Neya Michiko

Minaka Hiroto : Seki Toshihiko

Narashino (Sekirei No.74) : Takahashi Mikako
[Drama CD original character]

Tsudanuma Osamu : Kawada Shinji
[Drama CD original character]

Sekirei Character Popularity Poll on AtWiki Japan

(Poll Results as of Date and Time of Post Last Edit)

Choices - Votes

Miya [Sekirei No.01] - 27 votes

Matsu [Sekirei No.02] - 223 votes

Kazehana [Sekirei No.03] - 35 votes

Karasuba [Sekirei No.04] - 25 votes

Mutsu [Sekirei No.05] - 4 votes

Yume [Sekirei No.08] - 6 votes

Tsukiumi [Sekirei No.09] - 273 votes 302 votes

Uzume [Sekirei No.10] - 1 vote 2 votes

Hikari [Sekirei No.11] - 51 votes

Hibiki [Sekirei No.12] - 2 votes

Iki [Sekirei No.19] - 1 vote

Mitsuha [Sekirei No.38] - 1 vote

Yomi [Sekirei No.43] - 1 vote

Yashima [Sekirei No.84] - 3 votes

Musubi [Sekirei No.88] - 110 votes

Kuno [Sekirei No.95] - 4 votes

Haihane [Sekirei No.104] - 1 vote

Benitsubasa [Sekirei No.105] - 3 votes

Shiina [Sekirei No.107] - 3 votes 4 votes

Kusano [Sekirei No.108] - 10 votes 11 votes

Homura [Sekirei No.?] - 22 votes

Akitsu [No Sekirei No.] - 1 vote 2 votes

Drama CD original character Narashino [Sekirei No.74], who talks in Kansai-ben (Kansai dialect) - among other things, she uses the honorific suffix "-han" instead of "-san" - is not listed as one of the choices in the poll.

Since the release of the Sekirei drama CD on July 25, 2007, #1 Tsukiumi (273 votes 302 votes) has widened her lead over #2 Matsu (223 votes), followed by #3 Musubi (110 votes).

(At one point earlier this year, I seem to recall, Tsukiumi had between 255 and 260 votes, while Matsu had between 221 and 223 votes.)

Tsukiumi in the Sekirei drama CD reminds me of Suigintou in Rozen Maiden, Tomoe Marguerite in My-Otome, and Isabella in Soukou no Strain. In addition to all of them being voiced by Tanaka Rie, they all intensely dislike the main heroine in the story - Suigintou hates Shinku, Tomoe hates Arika, Isabella hates Sara, and Tsukiumi (sorta) hates Musubi.

While Suigintou and Tomoe suppress their anger most of the time, Tsukiumi has an extremely short temper and often explodes in fits of rage, yelling and screaming in the unique trademark fashion of Tanaka Rie.

Unlike the evil, crazy, psychopathic villain Tomoe, or the sad, pitiful, one-time villain Suigintou, or the mean, nasty, spiteful bitch Isabella, however, the seemingly always angry Tsukiumi acts tough, but (as someone else elsewhere has noted) is really just an innocent girl wanting to be loved.

In the Sunday, September 30, 2007 entry on her blog, Tanaka Rie indicates that she has landed a lot of regular roles in anime and will announce them later.

Will Tsukiumi in a Sekirei anime series be one of them?

Tsukiumi Figure With Characteristic Tsuntsun Expression On Her Face

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